Tuesday, May 14, 2013

take a walk.

Obviously, I lack creativity, since this title is pretty self-explanatory. What did we do tonight? (Seriously, if you don't know, then you're a mega-twerp)

Also, today was the day I've been waiting for, for like, a WEEK. The app for A Beautiful Mess debuted! I've been having tons of fun doodling on all of my pictures. Enjoy!

and here is some fun from last weekend. It was the first time my whole family was together in about 10 months! If you follow me on Vine or Instagram, then you'll know that things got weird. 

It's also finals week. I am finally finishing my first semester back, and it's been a blast.

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  1. Hi, Chelsey! I just stumbled onto your blog from Instagram. It's nice to read a blog from another Springfield girl. Also, I like your sister's glasses. :) Have a great day! --Layne


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