our {long and complicated} love story.

Once upon a time, two Little Children, a Boy and a Girl,  were little buddies in the 7th grade. They had an imaginary friend named Bob that they got in trouble talking about in Pre-Algebra, when they should have been listening to Mr. Baum. Then they were still buddies in 8th grade, and the Little Girl made fun of the Little Boy when he told her he started shaving. "Yeah right, you have a baby face." the Little Girl said. Little did she know that he would later end up having to shave daily,sometimes more, so he wouldn't look like a serial killer.

The Little Children soon grew to be Large Children, and began high school. In the 9th grade, their school was so large, terrifying, and crowded, and for the first time, had no classes together. They saw eachother, sadly, only a few times while passing in the hallway.

In the 10th grade, the Little Girl (I decided against calling her the Large Girl) walked into Mrs. Knoph's biology class on the first day of school. She noticed two things: first, there was someone else in the class wearing the same exact first-day-of-school outfit from abercrombie kids. Second, there was the Little Boy, waving at her from the last row! Hooray!

The Large Children rekindled their friendship, kind of. During a class movie featuring whales playing volleyball with a little seal, the Little Girl cried while the Little Boy laughed. It was weird and tragic. Shortly before Christmas break, The Little  Boy got his braces taken off, and the Little Girl thought,"Wow, what lovely orthodontic work." She thought his smile was stunning. Then, she started thinking he was no longer a Little Boy, but a Little Gentleman. Unbeknownst to her, he thought she was a Little Lady. The Little Lady, with the help of a lovely friend, creeped on the Little Gentleman (in the days before facebook and checking in with iPhone. These were the days of the PHONE BOOK.) to find his phone number. She summoned the courage to call him and invite him to the school dance on Valentine's Day. The Little Gentleman paused upon hearing the invitation, and responded with an,"Uuuuuhh...sure." So romantic.

They danced (awkwardly).

2 days later, they went to their first movie, Miracle. The Little Lady was tolerant of sports movies back then.

1 day later, The Little Gentleman called the Little Lady, and said,"So...do you want to go out, or date, or...something?" To which she replied,"Well, sure!"

They went to dances, movies, parks to almost get arrested. And it was in front of the Little Lady's house one summer night that the Little Gentleman said,"I will love you forever."

They graduated high school, heading for separate colleges. The Little Gentleman's family moved to Texas, and he stayed in Missouri for school. For the next few years, he would spend holiday breaks in The Lone Star State, with the Little Lady visiting on several occasions.

The Little Lady and the Little Gentleman finally grew up to be a Lady and Gentleman. The Lady's parents had given her tickets to a Coldplay concert for her 21st birthday, and so naturally, she invited the Gentleman to accompany her. Since he would be spending another summer in Texas, he promised her he would consider it. As the July concert drew nearer, the chances of him coming to visit were looking slimmer. He eventually told her he would not be able to make it, causing a really sad argument. The day of the concert, however, the Lady secretly hoped for a surprise. She took off work early, hoping he would be at home waiting for her. She searched the house for him, surely he was hiding somewhere! Nowhere.  So the Lady got in the car with her back-up guest, the Queen (The Lady's dear mommy). During the drive, The Queen was badmouthing the Gentleman, saying how un-gentlemanly he was. The Lady furiously agreed.

Walking into the concert, The Queen, as usual, was the slowest person alive. The Lady was already cranky, and was not about to have awful lawn seats, so she hurried the Queen along. The Lady was unaware that the slothly Queen was stalling on purpose. There was a Gentleman creeping around the parking lot, waiting for his cue. Approaching the entrance, the Lady and the Queen ran into the Gentleman's best friend and girlfriend (now wife!), and struck up a conversation. He had been at her house when she received the tickets for her birthday, so she was surprised that he didn't mention he was going, too! He, of course, was stalling too.

During the conversation, the Lady, for some reason, turned around. Lo and behold, the Gentleman was walking towards her with a sweet smile on his face. Before she could say a word, he dropped to one knee, and asked for her hand in marriage. She responded with a shriek, a yes, and a very ugly crying face.

They began planning a wedding for the following summer. The Gentleman graduated college, and without a job, the decision was made to postpone the wedding for the summer after THAT. The Gentleman ended up getting a wonderful job...in Rhode Island. The Lady was very sad that they would be apart once more, after they swore it would never happen again. The company promised that after his extensive training program, he would eventually be able to transfer back to St. Louis. The Lady continued her education, and they set their date for July 22, 20ll. The company kept their promise, and he moved to St. Louis two weeks before the wedding.

The wedding was short, sweet, and lovely. It was a dream come true for them both.

The Lady and Gentleman are living happily in Lake St. Louis, loving each other every day, and never forgetting how much they missed each other every time they were apart.

The End (for now)!!

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  1. How lovely! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this <3


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