Tuesday, May 21, 2013

we were in the basement for 6 hours.

No joke. My poor little brother and sister have a neurotic, over-protective, borderline-psycho for a big sis. After I forced them to pack bags of clothes/toiletries in case of a tornado, I eventually chilled out enough for everyone to get some sleep (hours later...). They love me, and they know it. Being stuck in the basement also meant watching Adventuretime with Sophie...that show is WEIRD. I think I liked the wiener-dog princess and Marceline the vampire queen, but other than that, it was super creepy (Sorry, Michael and Sophie aka Mophie). While on the subject of tornadoes: if you follow me on Instagram, you'll notice the cute little OK tank top I shared...hello merch is selling an adorable tank, and giving all of the proceeds to the Oklahoma Red Cross. It's only $15, and free shipping! Buy it now!

I love babysitting (young adult-sitting?!) Sophie and Owen, partly because that means I actually have normal human beings to cook for (Jeremy, you have the taste buds of the pickiest toddler on the PLANET). So after perusing Pinterest the other day, I found these little guys that Owen dubbed Mashed Potato Muffins.

Basically, make some mashed potatoes, and scoop them into a greased muffin pan, and then add whatever delicious toppings your little heart desires! Lightly brush the top with olive oil, and pop them in the oven (at 375) until they are a crispy golden-brown on top! For Owen, I made cheddar and bacon. For mine, I put corn (thanks Aunt Beth!), popcorn chicken, cheddar, and cayenne pepper. I made some brown gravy to go with them; I love KFC famous bowls, and that's what I was going for! Little Sophie-poo is still at work, but I have some vegetarian rosemary potatoes waiting for her!

p.s. Don't try to take them out of the pan as soon as they're done, or they will fall apart! I noticed they kept their muffin shape if I let them cool for a bit :)

Oh, and my birthday was tons of fun...it's still hard to believe that I'm 25. Where did the time go?? A nice birthday present was making the Dean's List! 

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