Saturday, January 19, 2013

new year, new home, new hair, newmans.

Yet another hiatus. I do seem to take a lot of these, don't I? Some updates:

Since my last post (October, YIKES), we made ANOTHER change of plans, and we actually DID make the move to Springfield. As soon as we get more unpacked/settled, I will post some pictures of our adorable little house!

We found out we are going to be an aunt and uncle! Our little niece or nephew is due this June, and we couldn't be more excited for Jeremy's big brother Jeff, and our beautiful sister-in-law, Amber!

Yesterday marked the end of my first week back at Missouri State, and oooohh girl, I could not be happier! I love that school so much, and I adjusted very easily to being a college student once more, in classes that I am passionate and thrilled about! Jeremy and I came back to St. Louis last night, and we are planning on coming back next weekend, as well!

And to get back into the swing of things, I have a wonderful little crafty-poo that I found on Pinterest (duh).
My mom and I had some deliciously fun plans for the day, but they ended up being thwarted, leaving the two of us quite far from our normally sunny dispositions. I suggested we peruse the internet for something crafty to entertain us tonight (husband was hogging the tv, and for good reason. LET'S GO BLUES!)...and this is what I found! It was super easy, and my mom (bless her crafty goodness) had all of the supplies I needed, and MORE!

Anybody who knows me knows that Valentine's Day is my favorite naturally a month before I start celebrating. For all of those Singles' Awareness Day are silly. This is still a wonderful day to celebrate friendship and family; you can bake and craft for anyone you care about!! One of my favorite people to share Valentine's Day with is my mommy, and I always like to make her a new wreath! 

wire coat hanger
scraps of fabric
pliers or some other wire cutting tool

Using that brute strength (that I know ALL of you have), stretch that coat hanger! I found that if you pull it out to look like a balloon/oval first, then life is just a little bit easier. After that, proceed to maneuver it to look the way you want. I had to mess with it and start from the beginning a few times, but this is what I ended up with. Unless I am just a weakling, it's harder than it sounds!

After you have the shape that you want, cut your fabric into strips. The one I found on Pinterest said to cut them into about 1 1/2 inch wide strips, but I decided it was easier to tie skinnier pieces. After I tied a few, I started to vary the widths, and some skinnier than others. It also depends on the fabric! 

It also helps when you have a beautiful best friend to keep you company!

All done! Get some yarn, and tie a tiny knot in the middle of the heart, so it doesn't budge. 
Then, tie another knot to hang it from! Happy Valentine's Day!

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