Saturday, September 8, 2012

lana and her flower crown.

We finally headed over to the local farmers market, open every Saturday from 8am-12pm over by the Meadows Mall. I promise, it did not disappoint! We love nothing more than locally grown produce and honey, as well as baked goods and salsa (by YOLO'S catering, we definitely bought some of that shiz).

When that wasn't enough, we had a lunch date at Whole Foods Market (Jeremy indulged in the brunch bar, I had a chipotle chicken sandwich, aka The Jesus Sandwich). We picked up some other goodies, checked out their Children's Book Fair, and admired the red-tailed hawk and barn owl that some guy had out front, to advertise the St. Louis Bird Sancutary. 

Those No Pudge! brownies shown above? Basically, they are the most wonderful darn things. It's my favorite kind of brownie. First, they are just so simple. 2 ingredients: the brownie mix, and 2/3 cup of vanilla yogurt. Second, SO CHOCOLATELY. Enjoy! 

In August, we celebrated little Kev's SECOND Birthday (ok, really adoption day, but whatever she doesn't know), on the 28th. Lulu's actual birthday was the 15th, and it was her first! The mini-bundt was one of the yummy treats that Aunt Fifi was bringing over in my last post. Thanks, Feef! <3

I leave you with this little nugget of musical gold:

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