Monday, June 18, 2012

a weekend getaway.

This past weekend, we took off for Kansas City to visit some of our dearest friends. 
I took a lot of photos, pretty much all with Hipstamatic. 
I need to remember to bring my camera with me, more often. 

the best fresh-squeezed lemonade I've ever had. Cherry lemonade = perfect. 

A Sporting KC soccer game. MLS is a beautiful thing. Words cannot express how wonderful the 
atmosphere was. 

confetti and fireworks.

City market. The best farmers market I have ever been to.
And the lovely Claire.

A true friend, or creepy fan?


the best barbeque we have ever eaten. the fact that it was attached to a gas station made it so worth the trip.

more from city market.

I just whipped this up this evening. LOVE IT.

some fancy mousse. our friends treated us to a fancy brunch at Granite City.

Thank you, Adam and Claire, for a wonderful weekend! xoxo

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