Tuesday, June 12, 2012

today I smacked myself in the face...

...trying to murder an insect. It ended up flying into my eyeball, getting stuck to my contact lens, which I took out and ripped into pieces before throwing it in the grass.


Then I came home to an apartment smelling like bologna. THERE IS NO BOLOGNA HERE. Why? BECAUSE I HATE IT.

Lulu has a new hobby. It's called, let's eat any pen, sharpie, or SHOE in sight.

A picture frame fell off of our bedroom wall last night. In the middle of the night. I remember hearing it, and was so out of it that I didn't care. Then, Jeremy started shaking me, asking what that noise was. Dude, I do not care. Clearly, there is no one in here. This was a few hours after he saw a daddy long legs on our ceiling, and started shrieking at me to shoot it before it crawled down our 11-foot ceilings to kill him. Have I mentioned that he whimpers A LOT when any creepy crawly thing is in his general vicinity? No? Well, he does.

This is what I deal with.

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  1. don't you just love those days?
    here's to hoping there are less bugs and bologna in your life today! :)


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