Monday, April 16, 2012

some things that I likey.

Last week, I was complaining a lot. This week, I likey lots of things.

-When the nice people at Starbucks give me a ridiculous amount of caramel goodness in my iced caramel macchiato.
-When drive-thru people (and trust me, I go through a LOT of drive-thrus) smile and say, "Have a great/nice/fantabulous day!" It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Unlike the a-holes at Wendy's.
-When Kevin jumps at the sink because she wants FRESH water. It is too funny, like she KNOWS.
-When people say "Kevin's a SHE??" with a crazed/befuddled expression. Yeah, Kevin is a girl. No. She's a LADY.
-Parents at work. They are just so nice and make me so happy. I know how lucky I am to be working where I am.
-High-fiving strangers at Blues playoff games. Yeeeaahh!
-The horn on my new car. Meep! Meep! Just like Roadrunner.
-My birthday*. Which is a month from tomorrow. AHEM.
-KFC mashed potatoes. Duh.
-Being able to enjoy the upcoming summer, WITH Jeremy and WITHOUT stressful wedding planning.

I hope everyone's Monday was as relaxing and beautiful as mine!

*Yes, I will be turning 24. Yes, I'm still as excited as I was when turning 4. I take my birthday very seriously as being the best day of the entire year. Spoiled? Very. Fun? INCREDIBLY.
**We may be having a Summer Kickoff/Chelsey's Birthday BBQ on May 20th. no presents needed, just recognition and high-fives.

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