Friday, April 20, 2012

please stop licking the table.

I have a few children in my class that enjoy licking tables. That's all I will say about the title.

So, it makes me really sad when I find a VERY gorgeous dress on Pinterest...and when I click on it I see it's $245. This happens often.

Last night at the mall, I purchased some mustache rings for myself and my sister. Then 5 minutes later, I ran into her. CONVENIENT!

Strawberry milk is my best friend right now. As is brown rice (seriously, it goes with EVERYTHING).

I have some new goals regarding my education. I can't wait to (hopefully) continue with summer classes. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.

I have some big plans to wear The Legendary Pink Pants this weekend. And to watch tons of playoff hockey with the Mr. Oh, and maybe registering my new car tomorrow, since the paper/faux license plate expired YESTERDAY. Cool. I had a mini-heart attack yesterday at Arby's, when I noticed three police cars in the parking lot. COOL AGAIN!

Some lady at Target today decided to pull me aside when my husband walked away, to inform me that "he has a great head of hair. SO THICK." Then proceeded to tell me that her hair and her son's hair are both thick too, and she wished it laid as nicely as Germ's. It would have been very sweet it she wasn't a smoker, had all of her teeth, and didn't talk so very, very close to my face...


  1. ...Was it at my Target? Because I think I know who you're talking about... hahaha

    1. Yes, but I don't think she is an employee...

    2. hahaha I was gonna say the same thing Soph!
      Too many smokers... :(

  2. Oh. Never mind then. There's a lady at work who's missing teeth. Yikes.


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