Monday, January 21, 2013

sister, sister.

With all of this blogging going around in these parts, my sister and I wanted do something together! Thus, "sister, sister" was born. We decided that this will be a regular part of my blog because, well, sometimes we like each other. We always laugh about how we are exactly the same yet completely the opposite, and this was a fun way to showcase that! Without further ado, Sophie and Chelsey!

Sophie Beth Newman
food: chana masala
color: mint
book: Harry Potter

she never leaves the house without:
 Stanley the iPhone

occupation: student and sales associate/baker at Treats Unleashed
fun fact: she loves ANYTHING with a pretty collar.

Chelsey Danielle Shaw

food: sushi
color: teal
book: A Tree Grows in Brookyln

she never leaves the house without: her nook 

occupation: formerly preschool teacher; now just a student (and wife!).
fun fact: she LOVES quarters. The money, not the game. 

and some more photos!

She has short, curly hair; I have long, straight hair. She is pale, I am...not-ish. We are bff's and sometimes we punch each other. She likes dresses, I like skinny jeans. What a pair we make! <3

*disclaimer* it was 19 degrees when we took these pictures. 

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