Saturday, September 1, 2012


My favorite Saturday is the one spent playing on Pinterest, dreaming about a future house (and future delicious food), while Germ plays NHL '12 on his xbox. The pups are snoozing on the couch, and its raining outside.

I'm typically a very non-lazy person, but little Lulu was spayed yesterday morning, so we loaded up on six frozen pizzas, two cartons of ice cream. two cans of Pringles, Pepsi, and a bag of Wavy Lays. I don't usually eat all that, either, except for the Pepsi. I have, like, two per day. Her surgery went smoothly, but our normally-hyper-super-annoying puppy has been very lethargic and snuggly, so we've been cuddling with her as much as we can before the Woohoo meds wear off.

Aunt Fifi is bringing Kevin and Lulu some delicious pupcakes, doggy bundt cakes, and other fabulous treats from the pet goods store that she works at (actually she is knocking on the door right now).


Aunt Fifi

snoozing, the sequel.

We don't really have any special Labor Day plans, besides destroying all of this junk food.
I hope you all have more exciting plans! 

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