Monday, September 24, 2012


So, I am still a little tickled that I wrote my last post the just hours after I had my wisdom teeth out. I sort of remember looking at the the computer screen, trying to force my eyes to focus on the letters dancing around. I was totally out pf it. Despite the horrific experience of the actual procedure, I had a very pleasant weekend filled with naps KFC mershed perderders, bubble baths, and a perfect husband who cleaned the entire apartment for me. Not to mention, oh-so-wonderful parents who took the puppies for the weekend to give me some peace and quiet. With a ton of free time this weekend, I discovered that I am completely enamored with three things:

  1. New Girl, with Zooey Deschanel; I'm still on season 1, and I'm just like, "GIRL, YOU ARE MY WEIRD SOUL SISTER."
  2. Bubble baths. I've taken 6 in the past 72 hours.
  3. Instagram. How have I not partaken in this before?? I mean, I have kind of always know the gist of it, but I guess I never really understood the whole concept. I thought it was just an app that let you change filters on your photos. I had no idea it was this whole sharing/social media magical FRENZY. Now I REALLY think Instagram-naysayers are stupid. My instagram is @healthychelthy...follow me and I will follow you!!

Of course, I have to mention one of my bestest pals, LJ, for giving me the best care-package a girl could get. Besides the presentation (everything was put in a Disney Princess gift bag), she brought me KFC, which we all know I JUST LOVE.

I used some bath salts today, and 1) I do not have the urge to eat anyone's face, 2) I smell like an old lady, 3) there were some flower petals mixed in, which I LOVED. 

Also, I just realized this is the third blog post pertaining to my teeth, and I promise it IS THE LAST. Happy Monday!

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