Thursday, April 12, 2012

discouraged, frustrated, and lots of other icky feelings.

Fun post title. Not. Normally, I wouldn't post something so full of angst, but I am so full of bitterness and frustration, that this is very cathartic.

Point being: People. This post is about toxic people. There have been some toxic people in my life, and in recent months, I have done the best I can to not be around the negativity. But there are just some that will always find a way to be in your life and there is nothing to do to change it. So, you have to learn to deal with it, and move about your merry way. Which is what I have been struggling with.

Anyone who knows me, and really knows me, knows that if someone wrongs me, or is rude or inconsiderate to me, I do not justgoaboutmymerryway. I stew. I pout. My heart gets very, very heavy. Now imagine if any of the above happens to someone I care about. THAT is my breaking point. I am a fiercely loyal person. I don't feel that I have many superamazingohmygosh qualities, but I will give myself that one. You will not find a more loyal friend/family member than me (with the exception of my father, who would probably hack your head o f with a machete if you so much as look at one of his children or wife the wrong way). Typically, I won't stand up for myself. I tend to be very reserved and only in the rarest of circumstances will I tell someone they wronged me or offended me.

 Toxic People. I would like them to go away. And don't worry, if you are reading this and thinking it has something to do with you. I guarantee these few people are not reading my blog. Really. Actually, I think my mother is the only one who reads my blog, and my creep sister (HIIIII GUUUYYYSSS!).

BLA BLA BLA don't be rude to people, don't be mean, don't be inconsiderate. Be nice, because that would really make me happy. I love nice people, and don't you want me to love you?! Whatever that saying is, you know, about being able to judge someone by how they treat the weak, or the creatures that are beneath them or something like that?

In closing, it has been a very disheartening few weeks, in realizing there are quite a few people in my midst that are not very considerate, kind, or genuine. My heart is heavy, and I would like to know that there is still kindness, too. So, please, do something kind for someone tomorrow, but don't tell anyone. You don't need recognition, unlike some people.


  1. Let's bring back hospitality like it never went out of style, yo.

  2. Yeeaahh guuurl! Love thy neighbor.

  3. Very good post...even if it is about icky feelings. I can relate to this a lot. I have a co-worker who let's just say I don't see eye to eye with. And it's because of a lot of the reasons you mentioned above. I hope things get better for you!

  4. Let brotherly love continue. :)

  5. I will share corn & bean salad with you...that is kind!! Also, I will buy you some of the new gelato that Soph & I good! Wait....I just shared that with you...I'm not looking for recognition...I just want your tummy to be as happy as mine is! :)

  6. You know, it's amazing Chelsey. Even though you are writing about something so disheartening you somehow manage to sound absolutely adorable. I really enjoy reading your blog (I promise I'm not a creep! Sophie showed it to me awhile back) I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Dearest Mother, I would really appreciate a happy tummy :) Kayla, you are too kind! I don't you are a creep ;)


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