Saturday, February 4, 2012

toms, haircut, and a new home.

My little peepers opened at 8:40 this morning. Yes, you are reading that correctly, I still can't even believe it. No alarm, no dogs barking, nothing. We decided to go out for breakfast, since we are old like everyone else at Bread Co. on a Saturday morning.

I visited the lovely Jessica this afternoon for a quick trim (I missed my bangs so much), and my hair is once again healthy (ish) looking.

And...I am now on blogger! Wordpress wasn't very nice as far as customizing backgrounds went, so I took my business elsewhere, and I think it is a vast improvement! What do you think?

Happy Saturday! Or, as my crazy cat-lady sister says, Happy Caturday!


  1. Is that ramen?? It is poison unless you are living in a dorm!

  2. Beef-flavor! What can I say, I had a hankering!

  3. I feel HONORED to have been quoted in this post!I'm famous!


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