Saturday, January 28, 2012

a few sentences.

a few sentences about my past week.

My hair is now long enough for a braid, and I am beyond thrilled!

My goal of catching up with old friends more often is coming along swimmingly. There is nothing better than meeting a friend for brunch at 10:30, and not even realizing you have been talking for hours until your husband texts you wondering where the heck you have been.

I had a dream about a dream...and later on in the dream I was TELLING someone about this dream. Whoaaaa.

It's so awesome having a Friday night with Jeremy reading a book and ME playing xbox for 3 hours...what the heck.

I found some beautiful brown Oxfords at Target for $5.98. So, it totally worked out when Jeremy told me I could not order the pink pair from Etsy for $42.00.

Valentine's Day is drawing nearer, and I am SO. EXCITED. I already bought my Valentines for my kiddos at work, and have treats in mind for family and friends!

I bought some more books last weekend. Children's books this time (Eloise in Moscow, and several old Winnie the Pooh books).

I'm becoming less and less enchanted with Facebook.

I really want to see The Artist, My Week with Marilyn, and The Hunger Games.

One of my latest hobbies is finding free print art online to decorate my apartment with.

My little baby Lulu is growing so fast! I predict she will soon surpass Kev in both height and weight! Oh no!

My weekend thus far has been very enjoyable.  It's nice to not be bombarded with things to do, and to just enjoy the sound of my husband flipping the pages of a great book. :]

Happy weekend!

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