Sunday, March 11, 2012


In honor of my mother turning 28* 2 days ago, here are some miscellaneous things pertaining to Lori:

*3 Years ago, she decided it was her 25th birthday. We just went from there.

1. She used to be the most terrifying person in the world, but now she is as threatening as a sleeping baby bunny.

2. She is rare breed of redhead, in that she gets freakishly tan. With red hair. AND FRECKLES. wtf?!

3. She loves giraffes.

4. My mother is the one to blame for my paranoia about whether I smell good. Seriously.

5. Her favorite cake is Cherry Chip.

6. She has two horses as a young girl, named Cinnamon and Shasta.

7. Once, we did the hand motions to "Little Bunny Foo-Foo" without singing the song, and Sophie about lost it because she thought we were performing witchcraft.

8. Whenever she thinks I am being particularly hilarious (which is quite often), she covers her mouth with one hand and waves the other back and forth in front of her face. With squinty eyeballs.

9. She quilts. fabulously.

10. She enjoys her birthday. Some might say TOO MUCH.

11. I am her favorite child. And Cory. And Owen.

12. 3 words: SEVERE SPACE ISSUES. like mother, like daughter. Don't touch her, unless she gives you the social cues that tell you it's ok to give her a hug. Or she will cut you.

13. Sometimes, I think I am her mother, and she is a child. Like when she makes everyone ice cream for dinner in June.

I love you, mine Mama!


  1. Giggle...giggle...giggle!! I love you too mine Chelsey!!


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