Saturday, March 31, 2012

the fantastic mr. fox.

I should have known that when I started feeling sick the day after Christmas, that it was a precursor to what my year would look like. Sick for a week after Christmas (with who knows what, I don't think I went to the doctor, that time), sick for the majority of February with bronchitis, and now I'm battling pneumonia. Super ironic, considering we signed up at Club Fitness THE DAY BEFORE I came down with bronchitis. SO lame. 

So with my third round of sickness/cabin fever, I decided to make A FOX PILLOW! Along with a couple of stars, too! 

cut out a fabulous foxy shape and an adorable tummy! 
I plan on getting creative at some point and picking out a fun pattern for a stomach.

cut out a little triangle to go between the eyes...or you will end up with a cat sort of thing.

sew that shiz!
then sew on some cute button eyes, nose, and in my case, a fancy bowtie. He is a gentleman, you know.

enlist a lovely mama to help you sew that thing shut. 

Ok. I admit he is a bit ugly. I've had a couple friends ask, "What IS that thing?" But I still love him. 

I'm much better at sewing stars than foxes. 

I would love to take credit for all of this ugliness/cuteness, but I found it on one of my favorite blogs based in my college-town, Springfield!


  1. Love the pillow! And I'm glad you're taking your illnesses in stride. I've had a mystery illness since mid-January! I've been my general physician, an ear, nose and throat doctor, an allergist, and a neurologist. Next week I see an opthamologist and have an MRI, too! Want to trade places? Haha. Miss you guys!

  2. Oh, you poor thing :( I hope this doctor can figure out what is wrong! I had a mystery illness a couple of years ago, when I couldn't really see out of my left eye. I saw my opthamologist, a retinal specialist, and eventually my regular doctor figured out I was borderline anemic, and had nothing to do with my eye itself! WEIRD. Miss you, too!

  3. Thanks! I've been getting mild headaches every day, and I'm seeing weird rings of light / starbursts around every light. The neurologist thinks it might just be low grade migraines, but I have to see the opthamologist and get the MRI just to rule everything else out. Kind of scary! And I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, so of course I'm stressing myself out big time worrying that I'm dying! Haha. I'll probably have an ulcer soon. BUT, I move home in seven weeks! Maybe that will cure me? See you soon!

  4. Stay off WebMD. I agree, moving home is definitely the cure. Keep us posted on what the doctor says!

  5. I know, right? WebMD will ALWAYS tell you you're dying, no matter what you search for. Haha! I'll let you know what I find out!


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