Friday, February 17, 2012


Week Summary:

  • Our Valentine's Party at work on Tuesday was a huge success. I love the parents of the kiddos in my class, they are so sweet and appreciative of the work we do for their babies. I loved not having just one husband-valentine, but 15 little valentines that call me the following: Chochi, Chishy, Chosey, and Tosey. Or one sassy little girl that says "Hey,Teach!"
  • Denizen Jeans at Target. The most wonderful pair of skinny jeans that have ever graced my figure. The best part? They come in gray (which I purchased), purple, mustard, green, royal blue, and GRAY LEOPARD PRINT. WHICH I WILL BE PURCHASING SOON. Don't judge.
  • My favorite place to buy produce, Dardenne Prairie Produce Market, opened today. I prepared by buying some $0.30 cent produce bags from the dollar aisle at Target. Yep.

  • My brilliant cousin introduced me to Gotye, a very cool indie-rock artist whose music I have been listening to all week. Also, he sounds like Phil Collins, and that is always a bonus.

So, all in all, it's been a great week. Here's to an even better weekend. Cheers!

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