Friday, January 20, 2012

imma preschool teacher, too.

By night, I have lots of fun on pinterest, IMing on fb chat, spending quality time with the huz. By day, imma preschool teacher. I have learned 5 things from this profession:

1) bodily fluids aren't THAT disgusting. After being peed on 124,567,350,000 times by potty-training toddlers (BOYS), I am consoled by the fact that urine is sterile (I THINK?).

2) drawing all over my notebooks in high school was helpful. as were the lovely doodles of the Spice Girls from the 4th grade. Making lovely decorations for my classroom is fuuunn.

3) learning new languages is FUN! between baby sign language and baby talk ("Who wants more noo-noos?" "hock hock"= hotdog, "ga-goo"= thank you for the noo-noos, Miss Chelsey), I am a cultured individual.

4) Maybe holding off on procreating for a few years. children are exhausting, but I get to clock out at 6:30. night niiight.

5) Dramatic gasps get every single child's attention, no matter how loud the room is ("GGAAASSSSSP!" blank stares. "...So who wants to go outside?").

the end.

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